Polney Loch, by Dunkeld, 9/11 2021

We needed an escape from the madness and so jumped in the car and headed North to Tiso, the M&S Foodstore and on to Dunkeld by way of the new road which is very nice, I have to say. The motive was almost a visceral need to be in the woods, and this time of year is when that experience is at its best as the colours are changing.

I took the Hasselblad 503CW with a roll of Kodak Tri-X, and the Ricoh in my pocket for the more immediate gratification of having something to show on the day for our efforts. Yes, I could develop the film, but that can wait for another day. On this day, without explicitly talking about it, we remembered the events of 20 years ago with some humility and gratitude.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1 Bark f/2.8 1/2s Cally car park
2 Bark 2 f/2.8 1/4s  
3 Bark 3 f/2.8 1/30s  
4 Bark 4 f/2.8 1/125s  
5 Polney Loch f/16 1/14s  
6 ditto      
7 House at the end of the Loch f/18 1 sec  
8 House 2 f/22 1/2 sec  
9 Door f/10 1/18s  
10 Loch f/22 1/3s  
11 Mushrooms f/2.8 1/2s  
12 Mushroom f/8 1/2s  


Image Camera Lens ISO Format Aperture Shutter Comment
Header Ricoh GR-III Ricoh 18.3mm ISO 6400 Digital f/11 1/25s Adjusted in Capture One.