Fujifilm Pro 400 H 120

Professional colour print film at £8.30 per roll plus developing, around £3.50. I exposed this in October during a walk at Braefoot Bay, Fife, and then at Killiecrankie.

Charles Hill Battery, Fife

Stone tower, Killiekrankie

Brand Type ISO Format Exposures Camera Lens
Fujifilm Pro 400 H 400 120 12 Agfa Isolette I Agfa Agnar 1:4.5/85
Frame Image Comment
1. Braefoot Bay Terminal  
2. Edinburgh from Fife  
3. Charles Hill Battery  
4. Charles Hill Battery  
5. Edinburgh from Fife  
6. Braefoot Bay Terminal  
7. The Hermitage  
8. The Tay  
9. The Tay Cropped (header)
10. Killiecrankie  
11. Killiecrankie Stone tower
12. Killiecrankie