Kodak Ektachrome E100 120

Colour positive (slide) film, cost £12.40 per roll from Analog Wonderland. To AG photographic for E-6 developing 20th September 2020 £14.49 for 2 rolls.

Brand Type ISO Format Exposures Camera Lens
Kodak Ektachrome E100 100 120 12 Agfa Isolette I Agfa Agnar 1:4.5/85
Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. and 2. Heather f/8 1/50 s Dunkeld drive, 4th September 20
3. Kinghorn beach f/11 1/50 s Sat 19 Sep

I didn’t record the rest of the exposure details, but went broadly with “sunny 16”, occasionally referring to an app on my iPhone. It was a bright, partly sunny day, and I took some of the shots at 1/50 s hand-held, although some were at 1/200 s or between these two. Apertures were between f/8 and f/16, mostly. I finished the film and sent it to AG for developing with another E100 I had finished in the Fuji GW690ii.