Lomography Berlin 400 120

In the camera from 12th - 14th July, with a yellow filter for the sky. Kino film, £9 per roll from Analog Wonderland.

I destroyed this film in development. I tried to “stand develop” it using Ilfosol 3 developer: this is a quick (“hot”) developer, I later discovered, and thus the over-development that resulted (very faded images on the carrier) was not really a surprise in retrospect.

What I’m learning is that you can’t “wing it” like that, and expect to keep your images.

Brand Type ISO Format Exposures Camera Lens
Lomography Berlin 400 120 8 Fuji GW 690 ii Fixed Fuji 90mm
Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1., 2. Achmevlich Beach f/16 1/125s 13th July
3. Glencoe f/16 1/80s 14th July, portrait
4. - 6. Etive Mór f/16 1/125s  
7. Buachaille Etive Mór f/16 1/60s Tripod
8. Buachaille Etive Mór f/32 1/30s Tripod