Ilford Delta 400 35mm

This film was in my Nikon FM between 10th January and 14th March 2020. It was processed by AG Photolab. I switched lens part way through this film to a new 28mm f/2.8 Nikon which is very much better than the E series lens I had been using. At the same time, I added a Tiffen Yellow filter which made sky contrast much better too.

Brand Type ISO Format Exposures Camera Lens
Ilford Delta 400 35mm 36 Nikon FM Frames 1 - 20 Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E
Frames 20 - 36 Nikon AI-s 28mm f/2.8
Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Euston f/11 1/2s 10 Jan. Hand held
2. Preston station f/11 1/4s  
3. Preston station f/11 1/15s  
4. Preston station f/1.8 1/125s  
5. Earlsferry f/16 1/125s 12th Jan.
6. Shore f/11 1/125s  
7. Waves f/4 1/1000s  
8.   f/22 1/15s  
9.   f/8 1/250s  
10.   f/16 1/60s Hand held
11. Sunset f/22 1/125s  
12-13. Birds f/8 1/250s  
14.   f/11 1/250s  
15-17. Crashing waves f/2.8 1/1000s  
18. Harlow water f/22 1/60s 18th Jan
19. Harlow water f/11 1/30s  
20. Harlow mill lock 8 f/11 1/125s River stort
21. Culross sunset f/5.6 1/125s 26 Feb 28mm lens yellow filter
22. Bass rock thru wall f/22 1/125s 8 March 28mm lens yellow filter - The East Neuk
23. KM at work f/22 1/60s Hand held
24. Bass rocks f/16 1/125s Header image
25-6. Shafts/Edinburgh f/16 1/125s  
27. Shafts f/22 1/60  
28-30. shafts and rainbow f/11 1/60s  
31-36. Kinghorn Beach f/16 1/500s 14th March