Faroes Trip February 2020 120

I exposed several rolls of 120 film in my Fuji GW690 “Texas Leica” during a trip to the Faroe Islands in February 2020. The camera has a fixed 90mm f/3.5 lens and takes 6 cm x 9 cm frames, or 8 per roll of 120. I sent them all to be processed by AG Labs.


Total film stock cost £83.00, plus processing costs £38.80 (£3.49 C-41, £3.99 BW, £4.89 pp, AG Photolabs). Total costs £121.80 for 70 frames (2 were spoilt - lens cap on), or about £1.74 per frame on average. Breakdown by film:

Qty. Brand Type ISO per roll inc. pp per frame
2 Fujifilm Pro 400 H Colour 400 £ 8.30 £ 12.33 about £1.55
2 Kodak Portra Colour 160 £ 8.80 £ 12.83 about £1.60
2 Kodak T-Max BW Pan 400 £ 6.40 £ 10.93 about £1.37
1 Ilford Ortho Plus BW Ortho 80 £ 8.00 £ 12.53 about £1.57
2 Fujifilm Neopan Acros II BW Pan 100 £ 14.00 £ 18.53 about £2.32

Kodak T-Max 400

The first film I loaded into the camera was one of the rolls of Kodak TMY. As it turned out, the only roll of this film stock that saw the light of day on this trip1.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Morning, East over the village f/22 1/4s Yellow filter
2. River f/32 1/2s Portait
3. Day 1 header f/32 1/60s Sandavágur
4. Sea stacks f/22 1/30s From Bøur
5. & 6. Sea stacks f/22 1/45s  
7. Beach f/32 1/60s  
8. Beach f/32 1/30s  

Kodak Portra 160

My first efforts with Portra. I think we might have been too far North for this film, which seems to be more at home nearer the Equator. I exposed this film during the rest of day 2 and the following morning. If you think I didn’t take many photos, remember I was also carrying a couple of digital cameras, something I don’t do as much now.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Boat House f/22 1/6s at Bøur
2. The black sands at Bøur beach f/22 1/30s Day 2 header
3. Above Bøur f/8 1/250s Hand held
4. Waterfall f/8 1/60s Hand held
5. Waterfall island f/8 1/60s Hand held
6. Waterfall island f/8 1/60s Hand held, portrait
7. Beach church f/22 1/8s Next day
8. Giljavegur f/16 1/60s Sandavágur, hand held

The second roll of Portra I used on the last day, as we cleared out of the house and hit the road for the airport. One the way there, we stopped at the roadside to capture the fishing huts.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1., 2. View from the house f/11 1/60s  
3. Huts near Vágar Airport f/11 1/60s  
4. Huts near Vágar Airport f/11 1/60s Day 5 header
5-8. Huts near Vágar Airport f/32 1/8s  

Fuji Pro 400H

I used the 2 rolls of Fuji Pro 400H on the 8th and 9th February in different contexts: starting with the Trøllkonufingur, the town of Tórshavn, and at Gasadalur, the iconic lake over the sea.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Trøllkonufingur f/22 1/125s The “witchs fingers”. Hand held.
2. Waterfall f/11 1/125s  
3. & 4. Tórshavn alley f/8 1/60s  
5. & 6. No record     Next day (9th)
7. Trøllkonufingur f/32 1/4s Portrait
8. Trøllkonufingur f/32 1/4s Landscape
Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Day 4, Yellow cottage near Miðvágur f/11 1/60s Hand held. Bigger.
2. Sandavágur Church f/16 1/125s  
3. Sandavágur Church f/16 1/250s Portait
4. Over village f/16 1/125s  
5. Gasadalur f/22 1/125s  
6. Gasadalur f/32 1/30s  
7. Slave cliff f/32 1/30s  
8. Slave cliff f/32 1/30s Portrait

Fuji Acros 100 II

First time out with Acros was in the early morning as the sun came up over the Trøllkonufingur. In retrospect, this is probably not the best situation to use this legendary contrasty film. The results were not stunning, in my view, and certainly not as good as I expected, but that’s operator error and not a problem with the film stock. Notice the first few exposures are all long, but get less long as the Northern winter light improved.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Trøllkonufingur f/32 1s Portrait
2. Trøllkonufingur f/32 1s Portrait, yellow filter
3. Trøllkonufingur f/32 1s Landscape
4. Trøllkonufingur f/32 1/2s Landscape
5. Fence f/32 1/4s Landscape
6. Shed, river f/22 1/4s  
7. Trøllkonufingur f/32 1/8s  
8. Trøllkonufingur and fence f/32 1/8s  
Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Sea stacks f/32 1/4s Portrait
2. Sea stacks f/32 1/4s Landscape
3. Bøsdalafossur falls (day 4 header) f/32 1/4s My wife, photographer Kara Mudie, at work.
4-8. Bøsdalafossur falls f/32 1/2s  

Ilford Ortho Plus 80

Same applies to this film as the Acros. I’m not giving up on it, because I’ve seen good results elsewhere but I’m not sufficiently expert to get the most out of orthographic film yet. This point is emphasised by the fact that I left the lens cap on for frames 2 and 3. My notes suggest I had an ND filter on for these pictures. That possibly didn’t help much either.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Bøsdalafossur f/32 1/8s Cliffs
4., 5. Diptych of cliffs f/32 1/4s  
6. Sea stacks f/32 1/2s  
7., 8. Sea stacks f/32 1/4s  
  1. The other one of these was sent unexposed to AG for processing although who knows how I managed that. They processed it, of course, but without telling me. I just got 8 clear frames back.