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East Neuk Day Trip

We took a holiday hurl up the coast, just to take some air and not do the things that seem to have eaten the summer. We were lucky enough to get to the Hebrides, of course, but have managed to do other things too. Today was about switching off for a wee road trip along the fabulous Fife coast.

St Monans Church

St Monans Church I am particularly pleased with this 87 megapixel image of the church that is connected so intimately with my wife's family and her heritage. She has family in the church yard here and the iconic church deserves a decent place in our gallery. I hope to print this.

The Fife Machair

The Fife Machair The Fife Machair is out in full bloom, with flowers of all colours basking in the sunshine. There seem to be fewer poppies than usual, for some reason, but we found a few near Kilconquhar.

All of the images in this post, except the St Monan's beach steps below, were taken with my lightweight kit of the Fuji X-T2 and the amazing XF 35mm f2 lens. I've been making more large images recently, when using the digital kit, by stitching several images together, not unlike the Brenizer method.

St. Monans beach steps St. Monans beach steps For this image, taken as we returned from a walk along the path above the beach at St Monans, I used my old Nikon 85mm lens, stitching two images for a nice large square printable photo.


Poppies Poppies Poppies Poppies are the flowers of remembrance and I can't spend time with poppies without feeling the emotions they invoke and what they signify. That culture is fading, I think, even as we are today, in time of war. People in some of my circles seem to be offended by remembrance and what used to be the importance of it. So long as I am able, I will not forget. So long as there are poppies, we will all be reminded, even if we choose to forget.

Ice cream at Pittenweem

Pittenweem Harbour Pittenweem Harbour, X-T2, XF35mm. We stopped for an ice-cream on the way home, and enjoyed a cone in the famous fishing town of Pittenweem. This is 3 images, edited a little (as they all are) in Capture One.

Last update: December 30, 2022