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Belhaven Beach

More local exercise X-T2 XF16mm, ISO 400 f/11 at 1/500s using Velvia film simulation

There's nothing like a walk on a beach, especially when it's one of the long, windy, sea-birdy beaches like you find along the coast near Dunbar. We took ourselves off to Belhaven beach for such a walk, to clear the head, and to reset our fish supper metrics after a bad experience at Ballachulish.

I'm finding myself using a mix of digital and film cameras when I'm out. When I need to shoot quickly, it's more likely that I'll grab the Ricoh in my pocket, like when I noticed a figure walking across the scene before us:

Socially distant Ricoh GRIII, cropped and desaturated

I keep the Ricoh in aperture-priority mode at f/16 when shooting landscape, if the light is OK. It really is a fabulous camera, and more than once I've thought that if I could only have one camera, it would be this one. If I could only have no cameras, I'd still have my phone, which is a pretty amazing piece of kit.

Belhaven beach (iPhone)


I also took some photos with my Nikon FM, on Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film. Read about those exposures here.

Last update: December 30, 2022