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Pattiesmuir and Portra

Pattiesmuir, Ricoh GRIII

We took a walk down at Pattiesmuir again, because we can and we need to. I took my Nikon FM loaded with Kodak Portra 800 this time, and my little Ricoh GR III in my pocket. This gave me a picture to share on Instagram (above) when we got home - with a fresh 36-exposure roll of Portra, which I got developed later1.

This little place is a secret haven for photographers, it's so photogenic and variable with the seasons. The bluebells are coming, after the last frosts have become ancient history. The wild garlic is flowering, too, and the whole place, with its gnarled stumps and undergrowth on the hill, is magical.

Portra 800

Still life Portra 800, Nikon FM, AI-s 28mm f/2.8

The film I started on this outing was pretty much wasted, as most of the shots had what I described as "flare". AG, the film processing business I use, were very helpful and suggested these were light leaks in the camera - I put the Nikon in for a proper clean, lube, adjust and had the light seals replaced. The Fuji GW690ii also, and my old Nikon FM body.

I think that when everything works (i.e. the camera, the operator), this film stock works really well, even if at the moment most of what I am taking is pretty dull stuff.

Clematis Portra 800, Nikon FM, AI-s 28mm f/2.8


Colour negative film, cost £12.50 per roll from Analog Wonderland. Loaded 28th April 2020, finished 12 July. Sent to AG Photolab for processing: £3.49 plus £3.49 P&P. About 54p per image.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1. Wild garlic f/5.6 1/250s Pattiesmuir 30 April
2. Portal f/16 1/250s flare
3. Field f/16 1/500 s
4. Bluebell stump f/11 1/125s
5. Horse chestnut f/2.8 1/500s flare
6. Post f/5.6 1/500s flare
7. Bluebells f/2.8 1/1000s flare
8. Bluebells f/2.8 1/1000s
9. Clematis f/5.6 1/1000s 2 May, The Artist's Garden
10. Lane f/8 1/125s Braefoot May 4th - flare
11. Moon f/22 1/500s flare
12. Lines f/22 1/250s flare
13.,14. Bluebell f/11 1/125s flare
15. Lime tree f/5.6 1/125s
16. Narcissus f/4 1/1000s flare
17. Scots pine f/16 1/125s flare
18. Pine f/8 1/125s flare
19. Moon tree f/22 1/500s
20. Different Moon tree f/22 1/500s flare
21. Bitch teeth f/22 1/500s flare
22. Fruit bowl f/2.8 1/125s Home 8th May
23. Fruit bowl f/5.6 1/125s flare
24. Campion f/8 1/1000s flare
25. Campion f/2.8 1/250s flare
26. Shoe tree f/8 1/500s flare
27. Selfie f/2.8 1/30s hh 21st April - bad focus
28. Kinghorn beach f/22 1/1000s 27 Jun
29. Kara f/22 1/1000s 27 Jun - flare
30. Beach at Achmelvich f/11 1/125s 11 July flare
31. Beach at Achmelvich f/11 1/125s flare
32. Canisp, Suilven, Stac Pollaidh f/22 1/250s 12 July
33. Canisp, Suilven, Stac Pollaidh f/16 1/1000s
34. Swimmers at Achmahaird Bay, Assynt f/16 1/1000s
35. Achmahaird Bay, Assynt f/16 1/1000s
36. Achmahaird Bay, Assynt f/22 1/500s
37. Achmahaird Bay, Assynt f/22 1/500s flare

  1. Eventually, this was in July. I finished the roll during our trip to Assynt and had it processed at AG Photo Labs. 

Last update: December 11, 2022