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Lost and found: Images recovered from found film

Unknown family group

A few years ago, my wife was given a box of cameras and bits, including an old Coronet Consul box camera. Recently, we dug it out and I had a play around with it. It was absolutely goosed1, but it did contain a roll of exposed film. Having recently started playing with home development, I binned the camera and processed the roll in Rodinal R09, just to see what we might find.

I thought we might find some pictures of my wife's family back in the day, but it seems the uncle who gifted the box had picked the camera up at a car boot sale. I scanned a couple of frames and put them into Capture One to tweak the exposure and try to recover as much as I could. The header on this page is an example, and I have no idea who these people are. It looks like a nice family enjoying a proper British 1960's holiday on the Costa Brava.


Brand Type ISO Format Exposures Camera
Kodak Verichrome Pan 125 120 8 Coronet Consul
Frame Image Aperture Shutter
1-4. Family group unknown unknown
5-6. Garden images unknown unknown
7-8. Blank

  1. FUBAR, BER, FBR, knackered, broken, done for, deid. 

Last update: December 11, 2022