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Kodak Portra 160

I loaded my Nikon FM 2567473 with a roll of Kodak Portra 160 film in February 2022. The roll was exposed with my new-to-me bokeh monster Nikon AI-s 85mm f/1.4 lens. Most of the roll was used during our Easter break to Clach Toll.

Split Rock Croft, from the adjacent hill

On the road up (we love a road trip), there was, as always, a million amazing sights to see by the side of the road. It gets hard at times to stop safely -- here is the difference between the Pacific NorthWest and Scotland, both incredible places to drive and explore but Scotland has yet to develop its tourist senses. It's quite hostile to all forms of visitor, whether Americans, Japanese Knotweed, or Scots from the central belt. In Washington State, BC and Oregon there are plenty of places to stop and take photographs, camp, barbecue, rest and relax. In Scotland these are situated every 200 miles and have the capacity for 3 vehicles. They Scots will expect you to pay for the privilege too.

Loch Glascharnoch from an overused lay-by on the A835 heading North

OK, I'm exaggerating a little but the difference is tangible. North Americans have a lot of space and so can afford to be generous with facilities. They also have a well developed sense of "le weekend", living for it more than we do in the UK, where if you're not doing a 48 hour week, you're not even really interested in your job, are you?

Staic Pollaidh

We had a wonderful break at Clach Toll: the split rock landmark marks one of our favourite beaches at any time of year. We were lucky enough to catch one of the last bookings available of the Air B'n'B at Split Rock Croft, before the owners, who had made themselves famous on the BBC's "This Farming Life", closed up and left for pastures new.


The photos might give a sense of the place, with its private beach below the famous split rock and intimate connection to the environment.

The private beach at Split Rock Croft

I lost the notes from the final few frames and the film sat in a drawer at home until I sent it to AG for processing and scanning in August. I have not adjusted these images at all, except for resizing for the web. Click on one to get a gallery of the images on the page and try to get a sense of this wonderful place.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1 Loch Glascharnoch f/11 1/250 11/4/22 on the A835 heading North
2 Loch Droma f/11 1/500
3 Stac Pollaidh f/11 1/125
4-7 Clachtoll beach f/2 1/1000
8 f/8 1/60
9 Cottage f/4 1/125
10 Split Rock f/8 1/125 12 April
11 Stac Pollaidh and Clach Toll ? ?
12 Life f/1.4 1/500
13 Kara f/4 1/1000
14 More Life f/4 1/125
15 Split Rock f/8 1/125
16 Croft f/11 1/125
17 Private beach f/11 1/125 afternoon 12 April
18 same f/8 1/500
19 Split Rock f/8 1/125 Portrait
20 Split Rock f/8 1/125 Landscape
21 Split Rock f/11 1/250
22 S R Croft f/11 1/250
23 Suilven f/11 1/250
24 Achmelvich and Stac Pollaidh f/11 1/250
25 Kara f/11 1/250
26 Split Rock f/11 1/250 Portrait
27 Jammery Culkein f/5.6 1/1000 13th April
28 CT Private beach f/16 2 sec 6 stop Lee Little Stoppper
29 CT Private beach f/16 16 sec 10 stop Lee Big Stoppper
30 CT Private beach f/16 1/60s
31 Caves at CT Private beach f/11 1/125s
32 same f/11 1/125s
33--36 jnsq (deleted notes)

Last update: December 11, 2022