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Tyninghame Potsdam 100

These were taken in the Hasselblad in November 2021 and were eventually developed in August 2022 using Rodinal R09 and a semi-stand method. They were scanned on my Epson V600 using their own software, which is clunky but functional enough, and works best, I think, when you switch off the helpful automatic adjustments it claims to be able to do. That said, these are not untouched, although I have tried to not fiddle about with the images in Capture One in the same way I might with a digital capture. Who cares about that? Every photographer in history without AI tools to help has adjusted highlights, shadow, contrast, mid-tone contrast, dodged, burned, cropped or rotated. Those with the AI have done all of that and more without having the bother of thinking about it.

Tyninghame tree, Hasselblad 503CW, Zeiss 80mm

When it's not too crowded, the little path to Tyninghame beach is one of my favourite places, not least for the trees along the roadside. This is one of those, set in a pastoral context and a silent witness to the passage of time in this place.

Bass Rock, Hasselblad

No less stoic, although a little more decorated by visitors, is Bass Rock in the Forth Estuary, photogenic from every direction.

Selfie, Hasselblad

My wife tells me I pull my chin in whenever a photo is taken of me, even when I am the photographer. I will try harder next time but this is my first recent selfie on film.

Frame Image Aperture Shutter Comment
1 Tree f/16 1/8s
2 Waves n ships f/2.8 1/500s
3 do. f/16 1/15s
4 do
5 do f/11 1/15
6, 7 Bass rock shore f/16 1/8s
8, 9 ditto f/22 1/3 s
10 Cocked up
11 Selfie f/11 1/2s
12 ditto

Last update: December 11, 2022