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Nikon FM

My first "proper" camera was a Nikon FM SLR, which I bought second hand around 1977 in Hitchin with a 50mm F1.4 NIKKOR Ai-S lens. I soon after bought a Tamron 80-210mm zoom lens that I used from the 1980s until around 2002 when I boxed it all up and hid it for a few years. I have no idea what happened to the 50mm lens but the body was checked out by Lehmanns in 2019 who condemned the shutter mechanism as BER1.

I bought another Nikon FM from SE Cameras in April 2019 for £90, along with a Nikon AI-s 50mm f/1.8 lens from the same seller for £80. That lens is one of the cheaper E series lenses and I’m not totally happy with the quality of it, so I have bought a Nikon AI-s 28mm f/2.8 lens on eBay for £169. The 28mm and 50mm lenses have a standard 52 mm filter ring.

The second Nikon FM at Euston Station

Having had some problems with light leaks with the eBay FM, I took it to Cameratiks in Morningside for a CLA, along with my orginial "condemned" FM and the Fuji GW690ii. For a couple of hundred quid, I got not only my "mint" condition eBay bargains back in decent working order, they also manged to return my original FM to full working condition.

In March 2022, under the influence of COVID, I bought a Used Nikon 85mm F1.4 AiS Lens from Harrison Cameras in Sheffield for £500 inc free P&P. The 85mm lens has a ø of 72 mm. Ordered a lens hood and spare lens cap from a random place on the internet for twenty quid.

  1. Beyond economic repair 

Last update: December 11, 2022