Ard Daraich

We took a trip to the Ardnamurchan peninsula for our anniversary and enjoyed the pleasures of that with some photography. The sun shone on the first day, and took a jigsaw puzzle day on the second, giving us time for proper rest and relaxation. We stayed at Ard Daraich, home of the artist Anna Raven and her husband, film-maker Norrie MacLaren. The house and gardens are well known as the former home of Constance Spry, famed as the creator of Coronation Chicken for the Queen. Our accommodation was the Garden Studio, former garage to the larger house and nestled between the house and Anna’s studio which houses a substantial printing press which she uses to create some of her work.

Bridge over the river Gour, Ricoh GRiii

The house sits on a lane that leads to Ardgour House, an altogether grander holiday destination, beyond our means and expectations. The lane passes over the river Gour by way of this bridge, which lit up in the unexpected sunshine of our first day, throwing reflections and patterns from the cool waters.

Reflection 1, Fuji X-T2

Reflection 2, Fuji X-T2

Reflection 3, Fuji X-T2

Reflection 4, Fuji X-T2

In the other direction, the lane ends at Loch Linnhe, which like all of Highland Scotland is alive with russets, rubies, rusty maroons, cardinals, carmines and ambers. The beach is striped with sea salad, echoing the leaves on the trees in heralding the fall of summer’s gaudy sparkle.

Beach salad, Fuji X-T2

Our too-short sojourn at Ard Daraich was surely a rehearsal for a return to Ardgour and the stunning Ardnamurchan peninsula. A restful reconnaissance, well-earned and thoroughly appreciated as other duties call us back to the routine rumpus of that which pays us. We will be mellow, perhaps, as we savour the memories of the recent weekend.


Image Camera Lens ISO Format Aperture Shutter Comment
Header (Sanna Bay, the small isles) Fuji X-T2 XF16mmF1.4 R WR 800 Digital f/16 1/125s  
Reflections Fuji X-T2 XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR 3200 Digital f/8 1/1000s at 400mm
Beach Salad Ricoh GR-III Ricoh 18.3mm 200 Digital f/5.6 1/50s  

These are some of the digital images captured on the trip, but I also carried film cameras (Hasselblad and Agfa) with me and will be posting more from those and the trip home through Glen Coe and Glen Etive soon.

Film exposure details