Berlin at Dunkeld in October

My wife and I celebrated our first anniversary by returning to Dunkeld, where we were married. We had time, this time, to walk more slowly, considering only ourselves, and to enjoy the nature of the place. We both took cameras and enjoyed playing in the outdoors, visiting favourite places and just breathing the air.

A Tayside walk by Dunkeld House Hotel

I took my little old Afga Isolette, a ridiculously cheap camera (some of the film I put through it costs more than the camera did) that has no meter or gadgets to tell you where to set the dials. You have no choice but to figure it out according to the light and the film parameters, and what you’re trying to achieve.

At the Hermitage, looking towards the bridge.

I have ditched the neurotic habit of writing down every exposure setting of every frame. Consequently, I’ve enjoyed my photography more, although I am less certain of good results. One benefit of living in the modern age is that we have tools to make adjustments after scanning to yield something not unpleasing. These were tweaked a little in Capture One to try and retain the character of the film, as well as trying to achieve a reasonable photograph. This example features a little colour toning in the highlights and shadows:

Killiekrankie shore, cropped and split toning in Capture One

All a bit of fun.

Film exposure details