Kinghorn Beach

Saturday 14th March, 2020.

With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving around us, a spot of sea air was in order, so we drove along the coast to Kinghorn.

New friends

I had film to finish off in the Texas Leica, my Nikon FM and my newest and cheapest (so far) photographic GAS1, an Agfa Isolette I which arrived with half a roll of (I think) unexposed Kodacolor II still in it. This post tells me that this film was rated at 100 ASA and went out of production in 1983. I don’t expect very much from the three or four images I made with it, but it was fun trying out this old toy. The lens seems a little grubby but otherwise the camera seems to be clean and in good order for its age, and worth the £18 punted on it on eBay.

See this post for how the images from this film turned out.

Beach life

The sky over Edinburgh across the Forth was pretty dramatic, so we were excited to see a group of parasurfers setting up and enjoying the elements. There was a stiff breeze as the tide was coming in, so the waves were expressive and obviously not a small challenge for the boys and girls braving the wind chill. We had our own challenge with the rapidly incoming tide.


Image Camera Lens Film/ISO Aperture Shutter Comment
Header image Ricoh GRIII 18.3mm ISO 800 f/8 1/4000s pp in Capture One Pro 20
Isolette iPhone 11 4.25mm 640 f/1.8 1/30s  
Parasurfers Fuji GW690ii 90mm Ilford Pan F Plus 50 f/11 1/60s Brightened and split toning in Capture One.
  1. For these terms, see my earlier post

Film exposure details