Faroes - day 1

Thursday, 6th February, 2020.


Well, the good news came by email around 12:40 from Simon Vercoe, the LRPS admin assistant at the Royal Photographic Society, that I am finally to be awarded the distinction of “Licentiate” of the RPS. I’m delighted about that, of course. More on that story here.

Travelling by plane with film

We are on board a flight from Edinburgh to Vágar, the capital of the Faroe Islands. I have my Fuji GW690ii medium format camera with me and a stock of 9 film rolls that hopefully haven’t been ruined by the airport security scan at Edinburgh. Despite my protests, the security people scanned all of the unexposed film. We’ll see if there is any effect on the stock1. I think the greatest danger to the film still lies in my photographic skills.


Image Camera Lens Film Aperture Shutter Comment
Header image Fuji GW690ii 90mm Kodak T-Max 400 f/32 1/60s Sandavágur, yellow filter
Airbus iPhone 11 4.25mm ISO 125 f/1.8 1/84s Cropped, colour shifted warmer in Preview
Films iPhone 11 4.25mm ISO 100 f/1.8 1/100s Cropped
  1. There hasn’t been, as far as I can tell. None of the film rolls were over ISO 400, and the airport scanners nowadays seem to be quite low energy, although there is some concern, especially with the increase in the use of CT scanners at airports, mainly in the US. See this post from Petapixel, for example, which reports on advice from Kodak that there is evidence of significant damage to film every time it is scanned. Caveat emptor, and tie up your camel. 

Film exposure details