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Just before Christmas, we booked ourselves a night away at a favourite Perthshire haunt, as much for our corporeal health as our spiritual peace. It was the perfect escape from the crass commercialisation and social expectations of the season, not that we don't fully participate in those, of course. It was like drawing breath before leaping into the annual family ritual. Photographs and more of the story are here.

You can read about my new Fuji X-T5 here.

About this place

Ibarionex Perello

We look at things all the time, but we do not really see them.

There are sometimes stories to go with pictures I make. I wanted to try to make a space where I can, if I can find the time, tell the stories of the images. Or maybe post the images of the stories. Whatever. This is one of those places, although I am increasingly eschewing the digital spaces I have (over)inhabited. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Getting around is easy: click on pictures to see a gallery of the images on any page. On a desktop browser, click the > and < keys to navigate forward and backwards.

The website is built on the Material for MkDocs Python framework.

Other places

I appreciate the power of social media but I hate gratutious and cynical commercial exploitation with a passion. I do keep a presence on Instagram, more to browse the work of good artists than anything else. I hate what Mark Zuckerberg's lack of class has done to the platform and will likely very soon ditch it, as I have ditched Facebook pages, Twitter, Tumblr and the rest.


Flickr is a different case. The people behind that space have weathered the storm of fashion and survive on a hybrid free/subscription based model. The groups and forums on Flickr have been helpful to me so I pay the fee when I can afford it. I recently (July 2022) archived all of the content I had there and am building it up gently to a moderate presence.

Finally, 500px started well but were bought out by a Chinese media company. That killed it for many users, for whom there was a real sense of belonging, especially with the Global Photowalks that 500px got behind -- I am still friends with many of the people I met at the 2015 London event -- but that has also been spoiled by the acquisition. I sustain a free account there, and have noticed a new interest from the people behind the platform in developing their community. They have recently increased the upload limit (to 21 images per week, plenty for me) so perhaps it will improve.

About me

My name is Nick Hood. Jack of All, Master of None and perpetually frustrated by that. I have had the privilege of enjoying travel and adventure in my various careers, and have picked up more tricks than scars on the way. Born with a fast brain and a slightly faster mouth, I have on occasion had to move on but always, I hope, with sense of humour intact.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nick Hood

p.s. the bridge photo? That was taken by my wife. She is a better photographer than I am.

Last update: January 3, 2023